Duplicator - Bootloader version: 1.3.38

Setup Notice:

An error has occurred. In order to load the full installer please resolve the issue below.
NOTICE: ZipArchive and Shell Exec are not enabled on this server please talk to your host or server admin about enabling ZipArchive or Shell Exec on this server or manually extract archive then choose Advanced > Manual Extract in installer.

Server Settings:

ZipArchive: Disabled
ShellExec Unzip: Disabled
Extraction Path: /home/samansima/public_html
Installer Path: /home/samansima/public_html/dup-installer
Archive Name: [HASH]_archive.zip or [HASH]_archive.daf
This is based on the format used to build the archive
Archive Size: Expected Size: 152.66MB   Actual Size: 154.2MB
Boot Log dup-installer-bootlog__[HASH].txt

Please Note: Either ZipArchive or Shell Exec will need to be enabled for the installer to run automatically otherwise a manual extraction will need to be performed. In order to run the installer manually follow the instructions to manually extract before running the installer.